Fort Worth ISD Juniors & Seniors:

Take the T3 Pledge by February 15!

How Does the T3 Partnership Support Your Student?

The Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership commits to: 1) Supporting your student on their journey to graduate high school; 2) Helping them create a customized plan for life after high school; 3) Ensuring they complete a degree or credential to attain a meaningful career and living-wage job.

Here's What You Need to Know:

When your student takes the T3 Pledge, we'll help them build a customized plan focused on life after high school called a "Postsecondary Success Plan". If eligible, your student will have access to a variety of supports such as:

  1. "Last Dollar" Tuition-Free Scholarship to TCC: Eligible students will receive a scholarship for up to 8 consecutive semesters (not including summer) or the completion of a certificate or associate degree at Tarrant County College. In other words, last dollar scholarships cover the gap -- any last dollars needed to cover the student's tuition after financial aid is applied. Please check the family income requirements for scholarship eligibility. If a student does not meet income thresholds, they are still eligible for other T3 supports.
  2. "Last Dollar" Tuition-Free Scholarship to UTA: Effective Fall 2021, eligible students will receive a “last dollar” tuition-free scholarship to UTA for up to eight semesters or the completion of a degree. This scholarship will cover any remaining tuition costs after financial aid has been applied. Visit the UTA + T3 webpage for more information. If your family does not meet the required income threshold of $65,000 or less for this opportunity, your student is still eligible for other T3 program supports.
  3. "First Dollar" Scholarship to a T3 Partner University: If your student takes the T3 Pledge, graduates from a Fort Worth ISD high school and meets family income requirements, they will receive a $500+/per year scholarship for up 4 years to a T3 partner university. Dollars can support books or other educational expenses.
  4. Bridge Programming & College Persistence Coaching: One-on-one and group advising + assistance to and through their college experience.

We consider it a privilege to take this journey alongside your family. Learn more by visiting the Eligible Schools page to better understand the types of supports your student could receive.

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