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To become a T3 Scholar, a student must meet the following requirements or criteria:

FWISD Seniors | Class of 2022

  • Take the T3 Pledge by February 15
  • Attend a T3 Scholar Orientation at your high school by May 1
  • Apply to a T3 partner college/university by the required deadline
  • Complete a financial aid application (FAFSA/TASFA) & submit to ALL T3 partner colleges/universities you are interested in attending by the required deadline
  • If selected, complete financial aid verification process & submit any additional supporting documentation, as requested by colleges/universities by the required deadline
  • Graduate from a FWISD high school
  • Meet Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) requirements by July 31 (if TSIA requirements are not met by this date, you will be required to submit an T3 Academic Success Plan)
  • If attending a partner college/university, register for classes & complete all enrollment steps by July 31
  • Attend the required T3 Bridge Program before your first semester in college (you will receive specific information & next steps via email as you approach graduation)
  • Complete 8 hours of community service by July 31

T3 JumpStart

Complete T3 JumpStart (formerly known as T3 Orientation) by watching this video. This is a component of the T3 Bridge Program that all T3 Scholars must complete to stay eligible to receive program supports and resources in college. Make sure to complete the JumpStart Verification Form after watching the T3 JumpStart Video.

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