Crowley ISD & Fort Worth ISD Juniors + Seniors:

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Director of Technology & Data

The Director of Technology & Data will lead, manage, and support the design and implementation of information technology systems to track high school students’ progress to and through post-secondary pathways. The position will coordinate and work through the technical implementation of technology platforms with multiple stakeholders including Tarrant County school districts, two and four-year universities, and other community stakeholders. T3’s underlying technology platforms have case management capabilities, messaging/communication functionality, data transfer with existing education systems, and end user-interface. This position will play a key role in ensuring that T3 realizes its vision of increasing post-secondary enrollment and completion.

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Manager of College & Career Success

The Manager of College & Career Success will play an instrumental role in designing and executing the T3 Scholar postsecondary experience while students pursue pathways after high school. With the Director of College & Career Success, and through collaboration with T3’s 8 higher ed partners, this includes but is not limited to, managing student-level communication channels, coordinating the disbursement of program scholarships, and creating innovative avenues to support students’ persistence and completion of a postsecondary degree or credential. The Manager of College & Career Success must be able to engage, communicate, and interact with multiple stakeholders including but not limited to students, families, K-12 partners, and higher ed partners.

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Family Engagement Program Associate

The Tarrant To & Through Partnership is seeking a Family Engagement Associate to build and deepen relationships with Tarrant County families to support them in making informed decisions about their students’ futures. This position will collaborate with school staff and community-based organizations to engage parents in a multi-tiered support program that allows them to attain scholarship dollars for their student, participate in group education about the most effective pathways towards livable wage careers and receive individual coaching to support them in making decisions around key student milestones.

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Manager, Postsecondary Pathways

The Manager of Postsecondary Pathways will envision, plan and steward the Tarrant To & Through Scholar and family experience during students’ 6-12 education. Through collaboration with school district leaders and non-profit organizations, this role will provide relevant, timely communication to support schools in their effort to ensure students and their families enroll in a postsecondary pathway with confidence.

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Systems Analyst

Tarrant To & Through (T3) is seeking a Systems Analyst who is self-directed, passionate about student outcomes, and excited about working in a start-up environment. This person will leverage their expertise in the information technology field to support company IT systems in the tracking and analyzing of student outcomes data, as well as maintain information technology systems and provide operational support. The position will coordinate and work through the technical implementation of technology platforms including but not limited to Salesforce, SignalVine, Amazon (AWS) SFTP Server, and a DataETL platform across multiple stakeholders including K-12 public school districts, 2- and 4-year universities, and other community stakeholders. The position will assist in the data collection from these stakeholders and the eventual analysis of that data to inform company strategy and decision making.

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TCC + T3 Persistence Coach

Reporting to the Tarrant County College (TCC) T3 Coordinator, the Persistence Coach is responsible for assisting students’ efforts to achieve their educational goals while supporting their academic, socio-economical, and financial wellness development for scholars attending TCC. The position will co-lead a student caseload management model, helping develop student success strategies, and assist with overall T3 programming and operations. This position will be an employee of TCC and funded by the Tarrant County Commissioner’s Court. The Persistence Coach is expected to be knowledgeable of the T3 Partnership guidelines and college responsibilities, adhere to any grant-funding requirements, provide support for T3 Scholars at all TCC campuses, and be engaged in all associated TCC District activities and programs.

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